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Molecular hydrogen (H2) is the smallest molecule in the universe but that’s not all there is to it. Studies have also revealed that it is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Essentially H2 is known to stimulate energy production in the human body and its action as a selective antioxidant ensures that it targets only the worst of the free radicals in your body.

Now the question is how do you get this molecule into your diet?

The answer is simple, Ultra H2 tablets

Ultra H2 is molecular hydrogen in tablet form. You can easily produce your own hydrogen water anywhere by adding Ultra H2 tablets to your regular drinking water. When added to drinking water, UltraH2 minerals react in solution producing an effervescent effect saturating the water with hydrogen; turning regular drinking water into an antioxidant and metabolic elixir. Interestingly, it doesn’t really matter whether you are young or old, pregnant or breastfeeding, Ultra H2 tablets provides numerous benefits for all walks of life.

Here are some of its amazing health benefits

  • Increases cellular hydration
  • Boosts physical and mental energy
  • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Improves endurance during high-intensity workouts
  • Detoxifies your system by dissolving and flushing out acid solid waste and toxins
  • Complements the effect of cellular antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione

UltraH2 tablets

60 tablets per bottle
  • Dissolves quickly in 90 seconds.
  • Boost physical and mental energy levels.
  • Improves cellular hydration.
  • Contains alkalizing minerals (magnesium).
  • Certified by Informed-Choice.
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UltraH2 Directions


Drop one tablet

Drop one tablet of UltraH2 in a closed
container with 8-10 oz of water


Let stand

Fully dissolves
in 90 seconds


Drink up

Consume after fully

What’s inside Mineral Composition

  • Tartaric Acid

    % inactive

    This organic acid is full of
    antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
    that keep the immune system healthy.

  • Non-GMO Dextrose

    % inactive

    Binding agent frequently used
    in nutrition & pharmaceutical

  • Magnesium

    85 mg

    Magnesium reacts with malic acid
    to form magnesium malate; once exposed
    to water produces hydrogen gas.

  • L-Malic Acid

    % inactive

    Increases energy, decreases muscle pain;
    Improves mental focus & enhances muscle performance.

  • Prop Blend

    650 mg

    Scientifically formulated
    to ensure max H2 load,
    quality, & efficacy.

  • Sodium Stearyl Fumarate

    % inactive

    Ensures stability, hardness,
    uniformity, disintegration
    and dissolution rate.

Testimonials What our customers say

  • Clinical studies

    Clinical Studies

    1,000+ peer reviewed studies across 63 diseases. Visit NIH.Gov & PubMed for details.

  • Quality Matters

    Quality Matters

    The only Hydrogen product manufactured in the USA and Informed-Choice certified.

  • NSF-cGMP


    3rd party audited facility conforming to the most current regulatory requirements.

  • Certificate of Analysis

    Certificate of Analysis

    Each batch is independently verified to meet or exceed specification.

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