Method of Producing Hydrogen-rich Water

Hydrogen water rod, also known as water water rod. Introduced by Japan. Hydrogen is produced by the reaction of magnesium and water. The hydrogen water rod is placed in a container filled with drinking water, and small bubbles of hydrogen gas are generated around the hydrogen water rod. The use of a hydrogen water stick in a closed container is slightly better. Hydrogen easily escapes from water if used in open containers.
     Hydrogen-rich water machine (filter type), which is equipped with PP cotton, activated carbon, magnesium particles or tourmaline filter. When the water flows through the magnesium particle filter or the tourmaline micro-electrolysis filter, a small amount of hydrogen flows out along with the water flow. 
     Electrolytic hydrogen-rich water machine adopts the method of electrolyzing water. Usually, we say that the water ionizer is one of them. In the past few decades, electrolyzed water has been considered to have an auxiliary therapeutic effect for certain diseases. In Japan, electrolyzed water is approved and promoted by the National Health Administration. The past theory holds that electrolyzed water has a medical effect because the water after electrolysis has a weakly basic, small molecular group structure. Since the discovery of the medical effects of hydrogen molecules, it is currently believed that the nature of the electrolyzed water effect is also the hydrogen effect.
     Bottled or bagged hydrogen-rich water. This kind of finished hydrogen-rich water is made by dissolving high-purity hydrogen in pure water or other mineral water through a special process and then sealing it in a container. The hydrogen concentration depends on the manufacturing process and can generally be 0.5~0.8PPM, and can reach 3PPM or even higher by high pressure process.
     Solid hydrogen-rich water health products, currently this product is based on our UltraH2. In the form of granules, the granules are directly dissolved in water and ready for consumption.