Know About Hydrogen-Rich Water

Definition of hydrogen-rich water
    Hydrogen-rich water, also known as Hydrogen Water. An appropriate amount of hydrogen is dissolved in water, and hydrogen water is referred to as hydrous water in Japan. The taste is very neutral, no difference from drinking boiled water or pure water, colorless, tasteless and gasless. Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural antioxidants, so the water added with hydrogen has a strong reducing function, which can neutralize reactive oxygen (free radicals) in the body's blood and cells. The negative potential of hydrous water has an anti-oxidation capacity of -300~-500 (mv), that is, the median is 0, and the larger the negative value, the stronger the antioxidant capacity.
    There are two kinds of natural and artificially produced water in Japan. At present, a variety of hydrogen water generators can prepare hydrogen-rich water in the home. The principle of hydrogen-rich water is that the "magnesium" in the hydrogen water rod forms water to form magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen, and the equation is as follows:Mg+2H2O→Mg(OH)2+H2.
Hydrogen-rich water nutrients
    Hydrogen-rich water has more than all known antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, and green tea, and the negative potential reaches a surprising -500 mV, which completely eliminates human malignant reactive oxygen species (free radicals). Malignant reactive oxygen species cause a variety of cancers and common diseases in life, which can be described as "the source of all diseases."
Table 1.1 Effect of water on reactive oxygen species
Hydrogen reduced water -30%
Vitamin C -22%
Mineral water 10%
Tap water 25%
    The hydrogen content in hydrogen-rich water is 20 times that of ordinary weakly alkaline ionized water, and the ability to remove acidic substances in the human body is stronger.
Functionality of hydrogen-rich water
    Hydrogen-rich water is the best antioxidant. It combines high hydrogen content, weak alkaline, negative potential and small molecular water to balance the body's pH and prevent various diseases. Hydrogen-rich water easily enters the cell channel and participates in metabolism, which promotes cell detoxification, increases cell hydration, and enhances the body's immunity. It has significant therapeutic and preventive effects on the melting of gallstones, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, improvement of female physiological cycle, gastrointestinal circulation, constipation, elimination of female menopausal symptoms, and elimination of body toxins.
    In addition to drinking, hydrogen-rich water is also a very effective moisturizing lotion, which is especially effective for skin beauty and removing stains. Wash your face with “hydrogen-rich water” to keep your skin away from the harmful effects of active oxygen, and the skin can become smooth and delay skin aging. Drinking 1.5-2 liters of "rich hydrogen water" every day will eliminate fatty liver, eliminate intestinal toxicity, restore physical strength, and lose weight.